After hours please call 1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.1 | Fax: 416-981-8939
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Note: The hours listed below are the hours for routine follow-up appointments.
For new patients, patients rejoining our program & other urgent matters – PLEASE CALL 1-888-878-3563. We will work with you to ensure you receive assessment and treatment at the location of your choice within 24 hours.

trueNorth Queen St. East
Suite 201, 69 Queen St. E.
1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.1
Fax: 416-981-8939
Mon. 8am-4pm
Tues. 8am-8pm
Wed. 8am-4pm
Thurs. 8am-4pm
Fri. 8am-4pm
Sat. 10am-1pm
Sun. 10:30am-12pm

trueNorth Etobicoke
LAMP Community Health

185 Fifth St. Etobicoke
1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.7
Fax: 416-981-3361
Thurs. 8am-10am

trueNorth Danforth
374A Danforth Ave. 2nd Fl
1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.3
Fax: 416-352-5193
Thurs. 10am-1pm

trueNorth North York
3424 Weston Road
1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.5
Fax: 416-981-3361
Wed. 5am-8am**
Thurs. 2pm-7pm
Sat. 11am-1pm

trueNorth Lawrence
1750 Lawrence Ave. East
1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.2
Fax: 416-981-3361
Wed. 10am-12pm

trueNorth Lawrence-2
4218 Lawrence Ave. East
1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.2
Fax: 416-981-3361
Mon. 10am-1pm
Thurs. 1pm-3pm

trueNorth Sheppard
2920 Sheppard Ave. E.
Fax: 416-490-7622
Wed. 2pm-4pm

trueNorth Amherstview
4499 Bath Rd
Fax: 613-389-0066
Wed. 2pm-4pm

trueNorth Dunnville
140 Broad St E., 2nd floor
1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.11
Fax: 416-981-3361
Tues. 8am-10:30am
Wed. 8am-10:30am
Thurs. 2:30pm-5pm

trueNorth Keswick
198 Church St.
1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.13
Fax: 416-981-3361
Tues. 10am-12pm

trueNorth Niagara Falls
Main Street Pharmacy
5904 Main St.

1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.1
Fax: 416-981-8939
Mon.-Fri. 6am-6pm
Sat. 9am-3pm
Sun. 9am-1pm

trueNorth Oshawa
Scotts IDA Drug Mart
1000 Simcoe St. N

1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.12
Fax: 416-981-3361
Mon. 9:30am-12pm
Thurs. 12pm-2pm

trueNorth Sarnia
940 Murphy Road
Fax: 226-680-0808
Wed. 8am-10am

trueNorth St. Catharines
111 Queenston Street
1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.6
Fax: 416-981-3361
Tues. 1:30pm-4pm
Wed. 1:30pm-4pm
Thurs. 9am-11:30am

trueNorth Timmins
27 Cedar St. South
Fax: 705-264-1845
Mon. 8:30am-11:30am
Tues. 1pm-4pm
Thurs. 10am-1pm

trueNorth Whitby
220 Dundas St. West
1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.13
Fax: 416-981-3361
Mon. 1pm-2:30pm

trueNorth Windsor
1078 Goyeau St.
1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.4
Fax: 226-783-2109
Wed. 9am-1pm
Thurs. 4pm-5pm

trueNorth Windsor-2
366 Wyandotte St. West
1-888-TRUE(8783)-563 ext.4
Fax: 226-783-2109
Mon. 1pm-4pm

** The doctor will be on-site the first Wednesday of each month


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