It was a life I wish for no one. Approx 4 yrs ago my boyfriend and I lived a fast and brutal drug habit. But we met a friend that was part of a drug rehabilitation clinic using methadone and suboxone.
Through many discussions between my boyfriend and I we decided that it was that time in our life to clean up so I made the call to TrueNorth Medical and we began day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year.
We started our road to recovery. Had we not made the decision to go to TrueNorth we would never have made this journey of living a clean and sober life.
You walk in the clinic and just by the atmosphere you know that it is a choice that will change your life for nothing but the best.
I’m very grateful for their existence or I don’t think I would be at this point today. And most of all my relationship would have never survived.

My name is Justin Gouin and I have been on the methadone program with TrueNorth in Windsor for more than 5 years and when I first got on the program it saved my life. I have had so many surgeries and accidents that the pain was unbearable I had to turn to pharmaceuticals which ruined my life, it wasn’t until I was on the program with TrueNorth that I finally found out there could be life without all the pain and headaches from finding more drugs to make the pain stop.

The program has allowed me to get clean and sober for myself and most of all my family. I have grown to be a good family man who likes to help people with their problems including sobreity. I have encouraged many friends of mine in need of help to seek out this program because it saves many lives and has made my quality of life much better. The staff are wonderful and nice and make the whole process enjoyable. The people on the program all want to get better and it has allowed many addicts to get clean and change their lifestyles for the better. Thank you TrueNorth for saving my life and so many others, my family and I appreciate everything that you guys have done for us.

All the reception staff are amazing in all situations. Sana especially is very professional and always handles things with a smile.
I feel very comfortable dealing with staff.
The number of clinics made it easy to not miss your dose and have various hours that accommodate whatever work schedules people have.
When I was injured in an accident the clinic staff and doctors went above and beyond to help out.
I feel like the relationship isn’t just “doctor and addict” and I get treated like a person.
— Boby T