Why does TrueNorth feel it is so important to work with local community partners?

Nobody understands the unique health needs of communities better than local health providers. In our experience, we find that patients do far better when we collaborate with well-established community providers, than they do in more traditional "stand-alone" clinics. 

By adding our program to these other local services, TrueNorth can offer a very convenient "one-stop shopping" model. Many of the illnesses TrueNorth treats are quite complex and our patients need to put a great deal of time and energy into recovering their health and well-being. If we can help make care more convenient and "hassle-free" then patients do better.


What are some of the community partners that TrueNorth has worked with?

TrueNorth has partnered with a wide variety of local community partners including

 Residential treatment programs
 Detoxification programs
 Community health centers
 Primary care clinics

 Addiction service organizations
 Counselling services
 Community service agencies and not for profit organizations



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