The  goal of our multi-disciplinary team is to provide all of our clients with first-rate care in an environment that is safe, respectful and confidential

TrueNorth is proud to have brought together one of the most knowledgeable and experienced medical teams in the country. Our clinical team has trained and worked in many of Canada's leading treatment programs. We believe that expert care should be available to all Ontarians, not just those in big cities. That is why our programs can be found in communities across the province.


Dr. Chris Cavacuiti
Founder & CEO  


Dr. Naveed Nawab
Medical Director


Rowena Taheny
Director of Client Services


Cassy Siemens
Clinic Administrator, RPN

Dr. Dale Wiebe

Dr. Maurice Agha

Dr. Hasan Sheikh

Dr. Michelle Klaiman

Dr. Talia Varley

Dr. Allison Farber

Dr. Damian Rzeznikiewiz

Dr. Nena-Rae Watson

Dr. Roberta Crossman

Dr. Lisa Lefebvre